05 September 2016

Album Release - Dan Whitehouse

 “That’s Where I Belong”

English folk musician Dan Whitehouse releases his brand new album “That’s Where I Belong” a great deluxe 2CD album out now on Reveal Records. 

Recorded at Reservoir Studios in London and Kyoti in Glasgow, the album was produced in the main by Chris Clarke (The Rockingbirds) and Danny George Wilson (Danny & The Champions of the World). The album also features the legendary pedal and lap steel player B.J.Cole and folk/trance singer Jess Morgan.

Dan Whitehouse is an exceptional songwriter whose storytelling brands himself as a modern day poet, which is clearly demonstrated in this new body of work.

For Dan the songwriting is key – his observational lyrics and imagined stories are sound tracked by an original take on modern folk /Americana – Black Country Soul.

Catch Dan Whitehouse performing on his UK tour this year with special guest Boo Hewerdines, and closing the tour with special headline guests Katherine Priddy and Monty Taft.


1.    Nothing’s Gonna Change It
2.    Close Up (feat. Jess Morgan)
3.    That’s Where I Belong
4.    Work
5.    The Little Left Unsaid
6.    You Brought The Sunshine
7.    The Places We Have Been
8.    CCC
9.    The Left Handed Way

Deluxe 2 CD Edition with 9 Bonus Songs:

10.    Two Widows (Chris Wood)
11.    That’s Where I belong (Live at Kyoti)
12.    Bars (Live at Kyoti)
13.    Work (Live at Kyoti)
14.    The Little Left Unsaid (Live at Kyoti)
15.    They Care For You (Live at Kyoti)
16.    Why Don’t We Dance (Live at Kyoti)
17.    The Places We Have Been (Live at Kyoti)
18.    Nothing’s Gonna Change It (Live at Kyoti)

Released via Reveal Records: HERE