Robert Svensson is from north Stockholm, Sweden. He is currently working on his third album, and is only 21 years young.

I say third album, actually its his second as part of the band Mixtapes and Cellmates, and these sandwich his first solo album Young Punks Are On The Never Never which is out now on Nomethod, also from Sweden.

Young Punks Are On The Never Never is a rare pop album, rare insofar as it makes no attempt to hide its less orthodox influences be they cheesy or trendy, and thats what makes this album so good, so listenable – its from the heart and with it comes what you might expect to find in the heart of a 21 year old man expressing himself without fear. Lyrically charming, enchanting even, and musically familiar yet you cant quite put your finger on it, Young Punks is destined for greatness in time to come.

Much praise has come from Swedish music arbiter of quality Per SInding Larsen, so much so that Robert has appeared on his show on national TV in Sweden – unprecendented for someone so upandcoming.

Robert has supported the Handsome Furs, David Sandstrom Overdrive, will support Those Dancing Days this coming February throughout Europe. He will also be at Bylarm festival and South by Southwest. Go check him out.