Lucky Elephant is a band that has risen from the ashes of Boomclick.

Boomclick were Sam Johnson, Rui Teimao and Paul Burnley, three musicians and DJs who have spent the best part of their lives immersed in the myriad musics spawned by acid house. Whilst dance music in all its forms has provided the soundtrack to thousands of unslept nights, this has been tempered by a passion for the traditional organic forms of dub, rock and folk. It is from this contrast between the DJ and the musician, the raver and the stoner, the synthetic and the human that Boomclick was born.

Blending the organic and the electronic, the energetic and the laconic, Halfway Between Tomorrow And Yesterday, the first album from Boomclick established Boomclick as serious players in the beautifully blurry spaces between dance, dub, folk and pop.

Then time passes and lineups change. Rui Teimao and Rosa Fernandez continuning the Boomclick Sound System on a similar style to Boomclick as was, dubby, proper songs, something for the dancefloor, something for Sunday listening.

Sam and Paul along with Laurence Clack and Manu Labescat now comprise Lucky Elephant, a band which I can only describe as a psychedelic Penguin Café Orchestra. Sunday Best will release the debut Lucky Elephant album in 2009, and believe me its worth the wait. We are talking about really heartfelt lyrics on a range of topics such as the fickle nature of the music business, the destroying of fishing villages in favour of glass and steel tourist traps, Vietnam veterans.. At times musically uplifting, others melancholy, tense, dramatic, these guys know how to express emotions.



Title: Star Sign Trampoline
Label: Sunday Best Recordings
Release date: 2009


Title: Edgar / Lucky Elephant
Label: Sunday Best Recordings
Release date: 2009

Title: The Rvd Tilsley & His Magic Lantern / Edgar
Label: Sunday Best Recordings
Release date: 2009