"Rarely will you find acoustic guitars featured prominently within the multi-layered samples and loops of todays electronic underground. Sampled and treated, yes - but rarely as an active instrument within a particular album.

The London based duo of Corker/Conboy however, are not afraid of our good old six-stringed friend. Echoing the sound of Chicago a la Tortoise or Sea and Cake, In Light Of That We Learned Later (Vertical Form album 2003) works on a simple idea; muted backbeats with beautiful acoustic guitar melodies layered on top.

From the glorious opener "In The Dust And Haze" with alternating guitar and harmonica, we glide effortlessly into "Things Fall Apart" which slips in with a shuffling beat and kalimba accompianment. Further on, we find "From The Hip", a beautiful collage of percussion rattling over acoustic guitar beds and treated trumpet riffs. "Under A Perfect Sky" takes it to heart as well, altering the sound towards a slightly more jazzy direction, as does "Akka", which slips in a slight nod to drum and bass.

Rather than take themselves as seriously as some of their American counterparts, In Light Of That We Learned Later feels more like a casual jam session between friends rather than a statement of firm musical or philosophical intent. Corker/Conboy are a unique, shining little gem in the dirty ol world of Londons music scene. Highly recommended for those with or without beards."


Corker Conboy by Westbury Music



Title: In Light Of That Learnt Later
Label: Vertical Form

Title: Radiant Idiot
Label: Vertical Form