Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer met in 2001 in their hometown of Karlsruhe, Germany, through Kristian’s recordshop ‘Plattentasche’ and from gigs around town, and by 2003 they were twiddling knobs together. Whilst Kristian drew influence from the likes of Moodyman, Underground Resistance, Carl Craig, Blaze and Metro Area, Frank’s broad spectrum of influences ranged from Chateau Flight, John Tejada over to IG Culture and Jazzanova. These influences melded together to form deep yet complex and original house sounds which they released on singles, each quite different from the last, under the name Âme (pronounced Ahm… French for ‘soul’) for the Sonar Kollektiv label. An album on Sonar Kollektiv followed soon after.

Then they released the distinct orchestral house single “Rej,” which catapulted them to fame and was released on Defected Records as well as on their own Innervisions imprint, which they manage with Dixon. Following the single’s success, they teamed up with labelmates Dixon and Henrik Schwarz to weave Derrick Carter’s vocals into another inimitable track “Where We At,” as well as producing a ‘waltzing proto-techno’ track “Fiori” for Ostgut Ton’s Shut Up and Dance! album, composed for Staatsballett Berlin to perform at Berghain.

Frank and Kristian’s wide base of musical passions and their skill in stripping them down and fusing elements together – be it orchestral compositions or elements of house and techno – has enabled Âme to produce a kaleidoscope of unusual, un-formulaic configurations which don’t seem to age and are steeped in a good dose of soul and groove… or as they put it: “Songs which once existed just outside club-goers’ imagination.”

As DJs, Frank and Kristian use these skills to create (sometimes epic) mind-expanding musical journeys which have become legendary in clubs all over the world, from their beloved Panorama Bar in Berlin to Ibiza’s Space, to Air in Tokyo and all sorts of powerhouses and one-offs in between. Their sets feel like some sort of lesson on musical construction without losing groove and soul. They released one such mix for Fabric (Fabric 42) and another entitled Primary Structures in 2011 for Innervisions.

Forever forward-thinking, Âme and the Innervisions crew are always looking for new ways to interact with audiences; experiments like the Critical Mass project (where Innervisions members produce live together at the same time) or the recent performance of live score to The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari at the Roundhouse take Innervision’s boundary-pushing beyond the records.

Through their music, Âme have defined themselves as a fast-evolving yet quintessentially experimental beast which is leaving an indelible mark on dance music as they explore. If you aren’t already… get involved!

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