South Londoner Morgan Zarate was one third of the trip hop / R ‘n’ B  class act Spacek who stood out in the early noughties as an innovative British band that made connections between soul music and spacey trip hop sounds of the time. They did this with a sparse, off-kilter, mysterious tone which made them utterly distinct and inimitable.  Having been the drummer on two seminal Spacek albums, Morgan eventually started producing on Spacek tracks himself and did some production for bandmate Steve Spacek’s solo project. Morgan also drummed on Attica Blues Test. Don't Test album.

Unfortunately Spacek parted ways in 2007 afterwhich Morgan moved to LA. Here he was able to flex his production skills for people on the top of their games such as Raphael Saddiq, Amp Fiddler, Frank ‘n’ Dank, Slum Village and Ghostface Killah.

On his return to the UK a couple of years later he continued producing: working with Eska Mtungwazi of Zero 7 fame and as a guest percussionist for Custom Blue. Morgan embraced the London ‘bass’ scene through DJing his hybrid sets and by promoting a club night with The Bug called Bash at London’s Plastic People. He also struck up a friendship with Hyperdub boss Kode 9 (by way of his flatmate Loefah and studiomate The Bug) who he found he shared a lot of musical views with. This led to the successful Hookid EP in 2011 and Morgan’s upcoming first solo album also to be released on Hyperdub.

Morgan has been collaborating with Acyde for his newest project The Shining, releasing a retro funk single under this name on Young Turks for your listening pleasure. He also recently remixed the single ‘So Lonely’ for dBridge.