“English producer Roof Light (Gareth Munday) makes music too restless to settle down into any one niche, music that’s so fluid it can’t help but overwhelm the shallow barriers of categorization and classification. It’s music that will flood your senses until you can’t differentiate between them anymore, until everything is one sensuous blur of bleed-through. His meditative and introspective music feels totally singular, yet clearly influenced by both contemporaries and idols of the past; it coaxes out semblances of other musics, snatches them up and creates its own patchwork composite. His music falls somewhere in the general vicinity of bass music, with a lot of it sitting comfortably next to the more forward-thinking, experimental dubstep while carrying the distinct alienation of early-mid-90s IDM.
Releasing his debut EP In Your Hands on the German Styrax label in 2009, his first releases already demonstrated a remarkable grasp of his worn-in sound, and the release still sounds fresh and new, standing quite ably next to his monolithic recent output. Following that was a pair of much dancier tunes for the formidable nu-garage label L2S Recordings.. [and] his crown jewel, debut album Kirkwood Gaps for esteemed London experimental imprint Highpoint Lowlife.His first EP for MJ Cole’s Prolific label, the jaw-dropping Harlem Power EP..spans the poles from Munday’s most beat-oriented garage stormers to his most ambient soundscapes, not to mention the transcendent “Harlem Power” which is one of the most inspiring bass music tracks you’re ever likely to hear.
Long story short, Roof Light’s music is incredible. Superlatives aside, the man himself is rather humble, and his influences and preferences perhaps surprising. While his output obviously spans (metaphorical) decades as well as genres, there are some unexpected names brought into the discussion that really illustrates Munday’s pure love for music, a love that shines in his carefully-produced music.” -

In 2011, Roof Light released his second album Standing Waves on Itchy Pig Records.

This man has written a ridiculous amount of ridiculously good, varied music over the past 30 years..from meditative ambient to wonky 2-step for the dancefloor. His influences and contemporaries are equally vast. There much yet to be released from Roof Light.. be excited.


Roof Light

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