San Antonio's Ernest Gonzales makes hip hop, experimental, electronic music and, as the lucha libre-masked Mexicans With Guns, gets even more raw and hard and Mexican: “Imagine listening to a dubstep remix of an NWA track while doing a drive-by if you just drank a bunch of lean while visiting the dirty south,” he says of MwG. Pitchfork observed that “Gonzales' music is about the beauty of contrast and dichotomy."

Ernest has several strings to his bow: once a graphic designer, he’s now a middle school technology teacher, an art book writer, label owner, and a father of two. Keep up with him if you can.

Of his first album While on Saturns Rings (released on his own Exponential Records), he said: “It features a remix by Daedelus, reached #8 on the CMJ RPM Charts, and is good to do yoga or make out to. Maybe both at the same time if you're a freak." Ernest used a base of live analogue instrumentation with nostalgic sampling and computer-based production keeping the sound melodic and musical whilst hinting of the digital age.

His 2010 second album as Ernest Gonzales, Been Meaning to Tell You on LA’s Friends of Friends label, was dedicated to his wife. Lush and with pop sensibilities Ernest explained: “These songs are all the things I’ve been meaning to tell you… all the words, thoughts, and emotions that are so hard for me to express.” URB magazine liked it very much, calling it an “immaculate composition” and “awesome, mutant pop songwriting.”

In 2011, despite working by day as a teacher, Ernest had a busy musical year... releasing a debut album Ceremony as Mexicans With Guns (“Again with the contrasts: it's abrasive, it's nasty, it's gorgeous and it's rousing. Ceremony in a nutshell” - Resident Advisor), he caused quite a storm at SXSW, and he also remixed for some excellent people: Animal Collective, Rainbow Arabia, Major Lazer and Sisqo to name some.

Natural Traits out in 2012 is a well paced journeying album: “It comes one step closer to achieving that impossible fusion of the synthetic and natural, quietly experimental in spite of its own humility… Post-rock for the Flying Lotus generation, Natural Traits is 40 minutes of elegant pastoralism and refined instrumental songwriting at its best.” - Pitchfork.

Ernest is looking into getting into more new areas: writing, film, and perhaps an invention or two. Follow him on



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