Asphalt Tango Records was created in Berlin in 2002 by Henry Ernst and Helmut Neumann, two music lovers experienced in the worlds of gypsy and eastern European music. Originally a sub-label on Piranha Records, it has operated independently since 2004.

Since then, Asphalt Tango has released music, old and new, from Russia, Serbia, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria, and is considered to be one of the world’s leading specialists in Balkan music, which takes in Moldavia and Moldova.

The label releases albums by recording artists such as Fanfare Ciocârlia – arguably the finest gypsy brass band touring today – Kal, La Cherga, Besh O DroM and Jony Iliev, amongst numerous others. They also have mined the archives of Romania to release The Sounds Of A Bygone Age series, featuring legendary musicians such as Ion Petre Stoican and Toni Iordache, musicians who were perhaps in danger of being forgotten. This label isn’t all about the money, that’s for sure.

Before its incarnation as a label, Asphalt Tango was a touring and booking agent, a role it continues to provide to all the artists on the label, the highlight (in my humble opinion) being the Queens and Kings tour – Fanfare Ciocârlia (all 11 of them) PLUS the guests from the fantastic Queens and Kings album, including Esma Redzepova, Jony iliev, Kaloome, Mitsou... The royalty of Roma music on one stage in one evening is something special, even the Barbican in London rocked!



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