A.C Layne, better known as TE1 is a producer and engineer hailing from London. An encounter with the Music Avenues community program back in 2001 inspired a young TE1 to start making music that sounded like what he was listening to at home. Not afraid of hard work, TE1 knuckled down and learned all the tricks of producing, engineering and remixing in a variety of genres, showcasing his versatility.
As well as the behind-the-desk skills, TE1 is also a master of the MPC, the legendary drum machine favoured by hip-hop beatmakers the world over, and this features in a number of his productions. TE1 has studied sound engineering at the University of Hertfordshire, where away from his beloved MPC he strived to learn the new software possibilities that were presented to him and he quickly became adept at Propellorhead’s Reason.
An early adopter of the possibilities sites such as Myspace had to offer, TE1 put his productions up on the site in early 2006, where he caught the attention of a number of producers wanting to collaborate, resulting in a number of releases and membership of the American INnatesounds collective.
Over the course of his career, TE1 has worked with a number of fellow Westbury artists including Daz I Kue and Phil Asher, as well as Grammy-winning producer 9th Wonder. Never one to rest on his laurels, TE1 continues to release music and enhance his skills. In his own words, “I just want to create music that is great work and is going to be recognised”



Production Credits

Triggs Vega - Quarter Biography, 2005

Miles Bonny - Closer Love, MPM 2007

Innate Sounds - Alpha, Innate Sounds 2008

Miles Bonny - Incense & Wine, MPM 2010

A.C Layne - Addicted/Let's Go EP, Restless Soul 2010