Bembe Segue is a jazz/soul/hip hop vocalist who, for the last six or seven years, has been the voice on dozens of nu soul and broken beat tracks.

It all seemed to start in about 1998 when she started voicing tracks with IG Culture, one of the people who would later dominate the London Future Jazz/Broken Beat scene. In 1999, the releases started to appear as she appeared on the "R Sound" triple vinyl LP on Reinforced doing the vocals on the song "Clear Vision" by G Force and Seiji, while in the same year, she was the voice of the track "The Mind" on the Dego label 2000 Black and on the track "Likwid Biskit" by Kaidi Tatham and IG Culture (recording as Braindrops) on the US release "Phil Asher Presents Now Hear The Future".

And then she was off and running because her free-ranging jazz voice was just so suited to that new broken soul/jazz style and she became the vocalist of choice for half a dozen underground production outfits, including Dego, Bugz in the Attic and Phil Asher.

By 2003, she was working with Ty and recorded the "Groovement" single on Big Dada and added "Music 2 Fly 2" to it for his Mercury prize nominated "Upwards" album. In the same year, she recorded "Serious" for Chris Franck and Patrick Forge (recording as Da Lata).

In 2004 she had teamed up with Westbury stablemate Mark De Clive-Lowe for a track on his "Tides Arising" album. This track was the beginning of a long creative partnership and it was the well-travelled Mark who first took her to Japan, where she was asked to voice "Into The Sun" by Japanese dance-floor Jazz outfit Sleep Walker and, the following year, "River Of Love" for the same team.

Also in 2004, she featured on the big Bugz in the Attic hit "Booty La La" on V2 Records and on the follow-up single "Once Twice".

This year (2006) is becoming her year of fruition. Her work with Bugz in the Attic has resulted in her being the main vocalist (5 tracks) on their album "Back In The Doghouse", released in July on V2 Records. Originally, they had asked her just to write songs for the album but they eventually could find nothing better than her guide vocals for the finished project.

While she will be doing certain live shows with BitA, her heart is now set on finishing her own new album, for which Dego is the executive producer, and which she describes as "cosmic or spiritual jazz".

In August, she fulfilled one of her dreams when she performed in Japan for Sleepwalker on the same stage as Pharaoh Saunders, one of her all-time jazz heroes.

And, at the same time, she is working with Mark de Clive-Lowe as a creative (writing and production) partnership called The Politik whose first single is already out called "Money (Dont Let It Catch Ya)" but whose next major project is an album for New Zealand soul/jazz singer Cherie Mathieson for release in early 2007.

Mark de Clive-Lowe says of the relationship between himself and Bembe: "We first met back in 98 while working together on an IG Culture session just after I moved to England from New Zealand but it wasnt until years later when I asked her to sing on a track for my Tides Arising album that I discovered what an amazing creative synergy we had. That one-song collaboration turned into a whole album, and weve been partners in crime ever since.

The Politik thing started because we felt we should have a joint creative project completely separate from everything we do individually and just let it develop an identity of its own. Its all about collaboration from the ground up. Bembe is so incredibly fast and prolific as a songwriter that once a song idea is there, shell have a great chorus and the rest of the lyrics soon after. We have similar tastes and reference points, so very little ever needs to be discussed."


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