Brian Dougans is mostly known as half of Future Sound of London (FSOL) but there was a time before `Papua, New Guinea`, a time which has entered into cultural myth: the acid rave scene of the late 80s. And, if there was one anthem of that period it was `Humanoid` (aka `Stakker Humanoid`) by Brian Dougans under the guise of Humanoid.

Every fan of Acid House will remember `Humanoid``. For many people, it marked their introduction to the rave culture in the late 80s and helped pave the way for the UK dance boom of the early 90s. (“John Peel, one night, after school, plays the record that changes my life. Right there, `Stakker Humanoid`, by Humanoid, more or less destroys my interest in all the records I own already, at a stroke.”).
First released in 1988 on Westside Records, it formed part of an album (`Global`). Subsequent singles from the album were `Slam`, `Tonight` and `The Deep`. Westside then went bust and Brian bought back the album master rights from the liquidator.

A UK (#17) and European hit, this early Rave Classic paved the way and, for many, `Stakker Humanoid` is the foundation stone for UK House music in general. A genuine groundbreaking tune (unlike the opportunistic `Ac-e-e-d` by Danny D), the track has been released and remixed a dozen times throughout the world, most notably in 1992 and 2001 (Plump DJs mix) by Jumpin` & Pumpin`.
In 2003, Rephlex Records released two albums of Humanoid back catalogue: one was the soundtrack to `Eurotechno` (created entirely on the Roland TB back in 1989, this was Dougans` collaboration with video artist Mark McLean for the influential Stakker video, one of the first visual projects to come out of the British electronic scene) and the other was `Humanoid Sessions 84-88`.

Brian is currently involved in the Psychedelic project Amorphous Androgynous alongside co-conspirator Garry Cobain, and they have worked closely with artists such as Noel Gallagher, whilst also producing a number of mix compilations.



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