Over the last decade few people can have put so much time and energy into the culture they love.

DJ Vadim (aka Vadim Peare) bought a sampler in 1992 and started on a path that would lead to him founding Jazz Fudge Records in early 1995 and becoming known as artiste, producer, DJ, promoter, record collector, radio presenter, occasional painter and writer, as well as being the in-house producer/DJ and cohort of Latin Grammy nominees, Spanish hip hop super group 7 Notas 7 Colorez.

Vadim has certainly been keeping himself busy as a producer and recording and performing artiste. And that is before we mention his DJing, which has seen him perform in virtually every country in Europe, North America, Australasia, Asia and South America.

He has performed with the likes of DJ Krush, The Roots, Pharcyde, Public Enemy, Beat Junkies, Dilated Peoples, Kraftwerk, supported Super Furry Animals, Morcheeba and Paul Weller as well as at events like Glastonbury and the Moscow Street Ball Festival (to over 60,000 people!).

His first release was in 1995 on his own Jazz Fudge label and was a limited edition, 7-track EP called Abstract Hallucinating Gases, which was followed the same year by the album Headz Aint Ready. Later in the same year, he signed to Ninja Tune and produced for them the 1996 debut LP USSR Repertoire, to be followed two years later by the remix LP USSR Reconstruction.

In 1999 came the abstract funk collaboration LP The Isolationist produced by Vadim, scratched by DJ Primecuts and vocalised by Anti Pop Consortium. The same year saw the third Ninja Tune album USSR: Life From The Other Side, which featured Co Flow, Scratch Perverts, Iriscience (from Dilated Peoples) and Blade, and the track "Your Revolution" was banned in the USA by the FCC for explicit and provocative lyrics, despite actually satirising the attitudes and words of the mainstream rap and R&B.

To promote that LP, Vadim put together a live group called The Russian Percussion, which performed together in over 600 shows in about 45 countries, including most of Europe and North America.

The BBC commissioned three radio shows including the very successful Sony award-nominated programme "Around The World In 8 Relays". Tours followed with Sarah Jones, Killa Kela and as support for Super Furry Animals, and Spain and South America were toured 7 Notas 7 Colorez.

USSR, The Art Of Listening was released by Ninja Tune in 2002 and featured,alongside UK MCs like Taskforce and Phi Life Cipher and the cream of US underground wordspitters like Slug, Gift of Gab, Moshun Man and Vakill, can be found Polish jazz legend Urzula Dudziak, Gruff from Super Furry Animals, Yarah Bravo, Ade Soma and the Revd Clevie Brown. Tablas and djembe drums mix with Japanese flutes, Brazilian guitars, spoken word, obscure scratched soundbites and a definite UK street sound incorporating hints of jungle bass and drums.

In 2005 came the fifth album for Ninja Tune Children Of Possibility, this time under the artiste identity of One Self (Blu, Yarah and Vadim). A collective which featured his wife Yarah Bravo on vocals, the album carefully combined Vadim’s trademark sound with a wealth of lyrical talent from his new crew, tackling a spectrum of issues with the ferocity of a freedom fighter over the Irie reggae hip-hop fused production.

Vadim most recent albums for BBE, Music Soundcatcher (2007) and U Can’t Lurn Imaginashun (2009), have really embraced Vadim’s summer sounds vibe and transmit beautiful performed live with more energy and vibrancy than you can shake a stick at.

And the 4 weetabix-a-day powerhouse has much more to come including a up-and-coming Latin lyrical reggae giant Paco Mendoza. Vadim has also done download music to promote Absolut Vodka and music for Nokia.

One thing for sure, whether its Flamenco hip hop, Arabian space funk, Lettuce propelled rockets, new Vadim reggae alias (Junior Rankin) or instro funk shiznittz Blixton Rodriguez, quality is guaranteed. Hip Hop but also so much more.


DJ Vadim

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