Not your average “Jo” JoVonn (aka Allen Jovonn Armstrong) is a renowned name to anyone familiar with Dance music over the past decade from when he burst onto the scene in the early 90’s with his second release on Warner Bros Records “Turn and Runaway”. Reaching, an impressive number 10 on the Billboard charts catapulting JoVonn on to the global dance music scene. 

A man with very humble beginnings raised by aspiring R&B singers/musicians as parents JoVonn is a true Brooklyn native and currently resides in Queens (NY). From the age of 14 raised on a solid musical foundation JoVonn embarked on a career of his own. Spinning his first records at infamous New York block parties in the 80’s where he was first introduced to the emerging House music culture emanating from the underground movement.   

Fast-forward to 2014, JoVonn discography now includes classic House releases such as I Can’t Make Up My Mind, Pianos Of Gold, This Thing Is Jammin’, Back To House & Turn and Runaway that contain JoVonn distinctive soulful vocal, delivery and trademark production.  

To JoVonn its evident House music is more than just another genre and his latest musical ventures are a testament to that belief. Next Moov Records and Next Moov Traxx are his labels dedicated to reviving the soulful sounds of the underground where JoVonn career has come full circle, trying to bring back the sound of the infamous block parties.

Not one to be left behind, Westbury are excited to be teaming up with the legendary producer with a passion for House music that shows no signs of slowing down and to see what the future holds for this partnership.