Jonwayne is an LA-based rapper/producer that has emerged from the cities world famous left-field hip-hop scene. A part of LA’s esteemed beat movement; Jonwayne is affiliated with the cities renowned Low End Theory club nights and is signed to one of the most forward thinking hip-hop labels in the world, Stones Throw Records.

23-year old Jonwayne has come a long way since writing his first raps and beats back in high school. ‘Oodles and Doodles’ a 44-track instrumental LP and Jonwayne’s debut album on the Stones Throw imprint cemented him as one of hip-hops most exciting upcoming producers.

Initially considered a producer, over recent times Jonwayne has perhaps become most well known as a rapper. Releasing his debut Stones Throw rap LP in 2013, ‘Rap Album One’ perfectly highlights his versatility as an emcee. The albums poetic rhymes tell personal stories unfalteringly engaging, whilst his summarisations of today’s society are thought-provoking and quick-witted. This is an exceptional rap album that could also be seen as a producer album – groove-heavy, raw production partners well delivered lyrical content highlighting Jonwayne’s brilliance as both rapper and producer.  

Having released considerable material through the artwork heavy ‘Cassette’ mixtape series, Jonwayne’s most recent Stones Throw release ‘Cassette On Vinyl’ (July 2014) is a piece of beautifully packaged 180 gram wax that brings together his favourite tracks from the mix-tape series. 

Jonwayne’s creative output continues to evolve, each release garnering more and more support in all of the right places. ‘Rap Album One’ won ‘Album of the Year 2014’ at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards; Jonwayne has received positive reviews from all relevant and acclaimed media entities – I.D and Pitchfork to name but a few - he has also appeared on Boiler Room, a performance with the capacity to make all who watch it avidly search for his next show dates! The Stones Throw camp continues to push musical boundaries and Jonwayne’s work is a testimony to this.