LA based Pyramid Vritra is a 22-year old producer associated with a number of left-field hip-hop collectives and a signing of the renowned Stones Throw Records imprint.

An artist that has been making music since the age of just 10, founding the collective NRK (Nobody Really Knows) was a significant step on his musical journey.  The reason this was such a pivotal moment is that NRK came to the attention of Odd Future’s Matt Martians and a link-up between the two has resulted in outstanding developments to say the least. Namely the forming of The Super 3 production group soon followed by the Jet Age of Tomorrow collective.

Pyramid Vritra delves deep into sound, exploring experimental corners of hip-hop and amalgamating this with a unique blend of jazz, soul and electronica.  He’s a visionary musician that produces and raps; his output on Stones Throw has been nothing short of outstanding. His Stones Throw debut came in the form of the 2013 EP ‘Big Ralph’s Midnight Pink River Weather’. This year has seen Pyramid Vritra drop two albums on the label, ‘Indra’, a release that tells an emotive story both abstract and trippy. He’s also released ‘Palace’ a moody and soulful psychedelic journey - both albums are essential listening.  

Pyramid Vritra has a unique outlook on hip-hop and it’s an outlook that has been championed in the form of widespread acclaim in alternative online media publications such as Mass Appeal, Earmilk and Fader. In the teaming up of Stussy and Stones Throw Records Pyramid Vritra will soon be touring Japan, he has also performed on the world famous Boiler Room and at festivals including SXSW.

Pyramid Vritra is an artist that manages to consistently integrate a distinct individual sound with the exploration of entirely fresh creative avenues. One thing is for certain, Pyramid Vritra re-defines genre boundaries and his future releases are highly anticipated.