Homeboy Sandman is a wordsmith, he is a hip-hop emcee from Queens, New York that has been described by The Skinny as “an heir-in-waiting to vocabulary-rich artists like Aesop Rock” and by Pitchfork as "one of the best pure lyricists around". Having featured in accredited print hip-hop publications XXL and The Source, as well as extensive music and culture websites, his releases and performances are forever met with wide-spread appreciation. He also featured as a coach in an episode of MTV’s ‘Made’.
A signing of the reputable Stones Throw Records, Homeboy Sandman opens his second Stone’s Throw LP with the track ‘1, 2, 3’ a beat inclusive of the lyric “I be runnin’ with the label for people that got dreams”.
Releasing his debut Stones Throw project, ‘Subject: Matter’ in August 2011, he has since released a number of highly regarded EP’s and two full-length albums. Most recent LP, ‘Hallways’, is an album of mature hip-hop in which Homeboy Sandman projects a deep desire to understand himself. The LP is an honest self-exploration that enables the every-man to connect with his music.
Homeboy Sandman is an artist that is lyrically always on point. Crossing into personal and political his delivery is laid-back, stoned but perfectly engaging. His exceptional talent for observing and articulating the goings on of society is also highlighted by his regular writing for The Huffington Post and his occasional features for Gawker.
Homeboy Sandman, a fascinating story-teller and a lyrical genius is without a doubt widely regarded as one of the faces of New York underground hip-hop.