Alex Arnout is a London based DJ, producer and label owner. Described by Thisiswhywedance as a ‘scene veteran’, Arnout has over 20 years experience and is a renowned figure within the underground house music movement.

Alex Arnout is originally from Sheffield, hooked on the sounds of Chicago house as far back as 86’ (at the age of 13) his decision to become a DJ is a story familiar with many of his generation; devotedly collecting records, then spinning vinyl with friends,  a passion soon became a career path in mixing.

With a crowded DJ market in the UK, at the age of 19 Alex felt that embarking on the first chapter of his career in the clubs of Tenerife would not only enable him to hone his skills but also build a reputation that could perhaps give him something more tangible to work on back home. Alex Arnout mastered his craft quickly and was soon playing all of the islands hotspots. His next step was to enrol onto a sound engineering course in London and that really is where the next part of his story begins. Arriving in London in 98’ he worked his way through the ranks as engineer, then DJ, then producer.

Arnout’s impeccable selection and flawless mixing have seen him DJ at all of the biggest events and clubs: Fabric, Warehouse Project, CircoLoko parties, Horizon Festival, Secret Garden Party, Berlin’s Watergate Club, a residency at Fuse parties, Ibiza’s DC10 club – the list goes on...

Working now from a Hackney Wick studio he produces his own work as well as engineering for One Records head honcho, Adam Shelton. Arnout’s back catalogue is unfalteringly forward-thinking. He has released on highly regarded imprints such as: Fuse, Fear of Flying, Composite, Turquoise Blue, On Records and Vitalik and has had successful releases alongside the likes of Daz I Kue from Bugs in the Attic. Arnout’s releases have received scene wide acclaim, his ‘Sound-Byte EP’ described by Chicago based 5magazine described as “an unbelievably good deep house record” whilst his track ‘Vanishing Point’ was described by Underground Source as a “huge hit”.

A label boss also, Alex Arnout set up his underground house label Dogmatik back in 2007 and whilst his initial forays into running the label saw him pressing his own records and walking them around shops, it’s unarguable that now a few years on Dogmatik is a central influencer in the corner of the musical spectrum it sits. The catalogue includes works by the likes of: Dusky, Rick Wade, Peace Divison, Alison Marks, Mark E, Samu.l, Reset Robot, Stojche, Gavin Herlihy, Gerd, Ed Davenport, Tom Demac, Laura Jones and Eats Everything - not to mention the fact the label played a pivotal part in launching the career of Maya Jane Coles as a result of putting out her first records.

Drawing influence from a classic house template, Arnout’s productions nod to the genre but give it a sublime twist, his DJ sets are ever in demand the world over and his label continues  to put out the very best of contemporary  music with that much loved 4/4 beat – Alex Arnout is iconic within underground house and a man to keep a very close eye on.