Yarah Bravo is a singer, songwriter, MC, producer and all round charismatic hip-hop artist. Raised in Sweden, her parents are South American freedom fighters – not exactly conventional and neither is she; Yarah is a politically aware and emotionally intelligent musician that values the meaningful over the mundane.

From a very young age, Yarah has been putting pen to paper and expressing herself through poetry. A significant development in regards to her musical direction came at the age of 10;  getting hold of a hip-hop mixtape featuring the likes of: A Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy and Big Daddy Kane, the music not only impassioned her but also inspired her to apply her poetry to beats. Naturally at this age she made-do with the music available in her house, but a few years on Yarah was collecting vinyl and reciting her music over b-side instrumentals. Move forward a few more years and Yarah Bravo has relocated to London, then NYC, and has established herself in many a scene.

A versatile vocalist, Yarah is at times hard-hitting and at times soulful. Her creative output is equally brilliant whether working individually or contributing to a collective. Yarah is an esteemed solo artist, she is the front woman of DJ Vadim’s ‘The Soundcrasher Soundsystem’, she has performed with live group ‘The Russian Percussian’ and her most well known endeavour is perhaps as one third of the hip-hop outfit, One Self. The One Self trio - made up of DJ Vadim, Blu Rum 13 and Yarah – released their critically acclaimed trip-hop album ‘Children of Possibility’ on the legendary imprint Ninja Tune back in 2005 – the single ‘Bluebird’ was an instant underground classic!

Yarah Bravo has been described by Straight No Chaser as “a feisty, sharp, young woman blessed with that soul power voice, amazing stage presence rapping” and as an artist with “jazzual spirit” – this kind of positive appraisal has been expressed by numerous media publications, it is no surprise then that Yarah has shared stages with the likes of: RZA from Wu Tang Clan, Public Enemy, Fat Freddy’s Drop and Asian Dub Foundation to name but a few.

Yarah’s diligence towards all areas of her art is entirely inspiring. We’re speaking about a woman that as well as creating has been heavily involved in many areas of the marketing of her music, books a number of her own shows, runs her own label ‘Mothergrain’ and has also ventured into the world of fashion with her brand ‘Captain Love Bubble’.

‘Love is the Movement’ is Yarah’s most recent release, having dropped on Duzz Down San Records in April 2014, the EP embodies all of Yarah Bravo’s signature compassion and spirit. This is a body of work that certainly shouldn’t escape your collection and Yarah Bravo is an artist that certainly shouldn’t escape your attention.