Phillip Fraser was born on 12th February 1951 in Whitfield Town in the area of Kingston. During his late teens he felt the inspiration of Rastafari and began to grow his locks. In the home town of Greenwich Town, where he grew among the greats such as; Herbert Chang, Earl Zero, Sammy Dread and Bertram Brown just to name a few.

Phillip drew his inspiration from the late Slim Smith, which lead to Phillip’s first single called “This Time” which was produced on the Libra label. He and Bertram Brown founded the legendary Freedom Sound label; which made an impact on the world and produce singing greatest such as Earl Zero, Michael Prophet, Sammy Dread, Prince Allah, Rod Taylor and Soul Syndicate.

Mr Fraser went on to develop other labels such as Root Tradition for Don Mais, Cornerstone which was also founded with Michael Chin and Tyrone Hailey; but Phillip decided to create his own label called Razor Sound. The label started to produce songs which had a unique blend of sounds that were done by artist like; Eeka Mouse, Tristan Palmer, the late Ranking Toyan, Scion Success and also the debut of his son Ras Fraser.

Phillip’s career progressively picked up with the success of “Blood of the Saints” on the Real Rock Rhythm which was produced by Corner Stone.  He then went on to produce tracks “Never Let Go” and “Watch this Sound”
which was done in the memory of the late Slim Smith. He later went on to record “Mr. Wicked Man” and “Come Ethiopian” for Freedom Sound and Roots Tradition respectively which had a great impact in Europe.

Phillip had later began to produce his own albums, which includes; ”Loving You”, “Roots Man Time” which was a combination of Phillip and his son Ras Fraser, “Never Let Go” “Sharp Like A Razor”, and “Come Ethiopian”. When Fraser returned to Jamaica he recorded for the likes of Henry “Junjo” Lawes and Barry Clarke. The chart topping hit“Please Stay” and “When I Run Out” which both featured heavily on U Roy’s Stur Gav Sound System

Throughout the 80s and 90s he enjoyed further hits such as, “Good Morning Mr Officer”, “Bad Boys” and more. Phillip’s small frame and gentle manner makes it hard to believe the power of his voice,  as you listen to him you can hear and feel the inspiration that guides him; as he will continue to bring the good Reggae music that world has grown to love for over 45yrs.