The Ipanemas rank among the most influential Brazilian groups of all time, having revolutionized the country’s music with their cult debut album ‘Os Ipanemas’ in 1963. Have returned to woo audiences new and old with fresh material, thanks to Far Out Recordings.

The Ipanemas are a duet formed of Wilson das Neves and Neco in 1963; however they individually established themselves with central roles in several key Rio orchestras. Their collaboration began while they were working as session musicians for CBS records, during this period they recorded their debut album ‘Os Ipanemas’. This record embraced much of the members Afro-Brazilian heritage, fusing African rhythms and dialects with traditional Brazilian sounds. This had a great influence on the conservative sound of Brazilian music at the time.

This album very quickly became a rarity among those outside of Brazil, which added to their cult status amongst Brazilian music enthusiast. Following the album’s release they, highly demanded as song writers, penning tracks for much of Brazil’s leading artists including Elis Regina, Tom Jobim and Jorge Ben.

In 1999 Joe Davis persuaded them to reform the Ipanemas and record new material for Far Out Recordings after a hiatus of almost 40 years. The return of the pioneering duo was welcomed by music fans throughout the world; the debut The Return of the Ipanemas received rave reviews. Their fourth album ‘Call Of The Gods’ was heralded as masterpiece and was supported by their first UK tour in 2008. This brought their music to new audiences and sold out concerts at prestigious venues across the country including the Barbican in London. Unfortunately the following the album’s release Neco passed away, Wilson Das Neves has continued with the project and has formed a band of Rio’s finest musicians and will touring later this year to support their forthcoming album.


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