Singer songwriter JB Rose is no stranger to the business of making music, with a history of co-writing and singing sessions with well known reputable artists such as the likes of Coolio and Omar to name a few.  

J.B. has co-written and released material with ‘James Hardway’ (Hydrogen Dukebox Records)  -  Swayzak (Medicine Records)  -  Diesel (Hiptonic Records) and ‘Time’ (Bugz In The Attic) to name a few.  Collaborations with publishing label mate Marc Mac from ‘Reinforced’ (undoubtedly the unchallenged master’s of Drum & Bass) resulted in with the release of her album ‘Keep The Fire’ under the artist name Maximum Style & JB Rose.  

Currently compiling her sophomore album which is a collaboration of the production and writing skills of talented newcomer Dave Brant (Precious/Tin Tin Out/N’yce & Misteeq), 4hero’s producer Marc Mac on the wistfully moody ‘flyaway’ and Daz IQ (Bugz In The Attic) with the jazzy ‘Respond React’.  Other co-writers on the album include Kaidi Tatham (Herbaliser), 2B3 & Dodge (Beverley Knight/Paul Johnson) and songwriter Kenny Barry on the track “Paris”.

Unlike most artists who work best in the dead of the night this blond, dread locked chanteuse gets her poetic, prophetic vibes in the early hours of the morning, receiving inspiration from the ‘newness of the morning’ as described in the song ‘Wrong Never Wins’ co-written and produced by Tony Remy.

With songs that spiritually uplift, lyrics to empower and engage – this project is all street, all heart and all soul.  JB Rose is creating a path that allows British music to evolve naturally to another level.





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JB Rose by Westbury Music



Title: Maximum Style & JB Rose - Keep The Fire
Label: Reinforced Music
Release date: 2000


Title: JB Rose - Its Time
Label: Bitasweet
Release date: 2003

Title: JB. Rose - Wake Up - Reverb Records
Label: Reverb Records

Title: JB Rose - Wake Up – White Label
Label: White Label
Release date: 2002

Title: Maximum Style - Wake Up - Vital Essence
Label: Vital Essence
Release date: 1999

Title: Maximum Style F/JB Rose - Admit To Love
Label: Parousia
Release date: 1996

Title: JB Rose - What’s On Your Mind
Label: SIAM Records
Release date: 1993

Title: JB Rose - Wild And Free
Label: SIAM Records
Release date: 1992