When this Philadelphia-based artiste/producer/DJ/label boss started in the music business, he was holding a slightly different title as a singer in the Philadephia Boys Choir.

He was a teenager when hip hop started taking off and, at that time, Philadephia, the home of Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff, was definitely one of the places to be. And a young Vikter Duplaix then found his first niche as a gadget whizzkid in a local studio and his reputation went so far before him that Jazzy Jeff picked him to set up the state-of-the-art Touch Of Jazz Studios. Jazzy Jeff introduced him to another Philly luminary, Kenny Gamble and young Vikter (now with writing/production partner James Poyser) started working with Philly International artistes.

He met another Philly resident, King Britt, and, under his influence, Vikter was soon adding the title of House DJ to his growing list of credits. It was in this time that Vikter arrived at the next predictable stage in his career as, with King Britt (as Scuba), Vikter did his first recorded vocals on Swell. A year or so later, under his own name, came his first single Messages with Masters at Work in 1996. Later, there followed the 2 step/breakbeat single Manhood on Groove Attack Records in 2000 and, because he was spending a lot of time enjoying the freer European DJ scene, a series of work on Studio !K7 in Germany, culminating in a critically-acclaimed DJ Kicks album and the single "Sensuality", both in 2002.

In 2003 there was a label switch and the release of the soul album "International Affairs" on Hollywood Records, produced by Vikter (mostly with James Poyser) and featuring his vocals. Co-writing two of the songs ("Lust 4 Life" and "Looking For Love") was Westbury stablemate, Marc Mac from 4 Hero.

In September 2006 came the release of his latest album, the extraordinary and luxurious nu-soul project "Bold And Beautiful".

And the future? He has his own label with partners James Poyser and Chauncey Childs, and they are developing acts like the spiritual group Greater Anointed. But there are also recent collaborations with the UKs Roni Size ("Birds Of A Feather") and DJ Marky and XRS from Brazil ("Moments Of Lust") and tunes with other Westbury stablemates Morgan Zarate from Spacek ("Porno") and Kaidi Tatham of Bugz In The Attic. Studio !K7 have put out (2004) a mixed bag of Vikters productions, including his collaborations with Jazzanova, called "Singles (Prelude To The Future)". And there are his collaborations with Louie Vega and Nitin Sawhney.....

So now, this Renaissance music man, still manages to find time to live mostly in Philly and divide his time between producing, remixing and DJing, with a little bit of live artiste performance on the top. He can choose between his various artiste identities, like Scuba (with King Britt) and Critical Point, for which he is going to develop an album project that will be "a kind of a science fiction dance-floor soul thing".

But, whatever he chooses to do next, there is no question that he will be part of the broad collaborative movement that will shape the future of soul and dance music

"Its a matter of taste. I love music. I embrace all forms of sound. Sometimes, the creators of our generation spend too much time trying to rivive the legends of the past instead of forging into unknown sonic territory. I’m not afraid to do that."



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