After the international acclaim of Swayzaks 3rd Album “Dirty Dancing” (previous releases "Snowboarding in Argentina" 1998 and "Himawari" 2000), Swayzak prepare for a new release in September 2004 with “Loops from the Bergerie”. Conceived in the late summer of 2003 at a French chateaux it is a album rich in diversity.

With previous releases, the writing and production has been by David Brown and James Taylor, releasing their first Swayzak 12” in 1997 with Bueno / Fukumachi (swz001). On this album they have now been joined by Kenny Paterson. Train-spotting fans of Swayzak will recognize his name from earlier releases. He was engineer on many of their studio works and has always had a creative input within Swayzak. Previously involved in studio production with the likes of ac acoustics, Broadcast, Placebo and many Glasgow artists, Kenny has brought a new feel to the Swayzak sound.

Also featured on the album will be vocalist Richard Davis. Hes a Berlin based Englishman, regarded by the press as a “True Gent” of house. Richard’s vocals bring to mind Bowie, Sylvian, and Wyatt. Releasing his own album on Punkt Music in 2002 called “Safety”, Richard received much attention. Swayzak released Richard’s latest EP on their own 240 Volts label. The epic “Bring Me Closer” was received to wide acclaim and features on Michael Mayer’s compilation for Fabric (fabric 13); Richard also appears on the Amalgamation of Soundz fabric mix (fabric 12). “Loops from the Bergerie” contains three tracks with Richard’s vocals.

The album also features Clair Dietrich, who previously sang “Make up your mind” (on “Dirty Dancing”, 2002), Mathilde Mallen, a young French vocalist with hints of Bardot, and Francesco Brini, adding live drums to the electronics.

“Keep it coming” will be the first single from “Loops”, released beginning of June on !K7 and features David Brown on vocals. The album is out September 2004.



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