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Sophie started writing at 16, on a guitar which only had two strings. A few years later, studying at UCL, she joined a band and decided to take a year out to pursue her music career. She never went back to university and joined another band and got her first deal with Sony. The band's first album was never released but it encouraged her to go solo and, in 1998 she was writing and performing with Grooverider on his debut album Mysteries Of Funk and in 1999, she co-wrote "Your Song" with Groove Armada for their album Vertigo.

In 2000 she was introduced to Sam and Henry of Zero 7 and began to write with them on their million-selling debut album Simple Things. Over time, she co-wrote "Destiny," "In The Waiting Line" and "Spinning" and then toured with the band. She worked with them on their second platinum-selling album When It Falls, co-writing "Passing By" and "In Time" and toured with them after the release in March 2004.

Sophie feels strongly it is time to put energy into educating and helping children around the world and she also realised there was a huge gap in the market for quality recordings for children. So, in November 2004, BMG released the album Lullaby, which she had recorded with her friend/producer KK. Lullaby is a night time CD for children drawing on the influences of old nursery rhymes and lullabies and is intended as the first of a series (The Rainbow Collection) of collectable CDs with accompanying hard backed books for children.

Emperor Records released her debut album Earthbound in May 2005. It is a collection of eight songs recorded over the previous few years, some acoustically and some written and produced with Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins). A real departure from her previous work with Zero 7, the album was facing an uphill battle in the face of the notoriously fickle music press; Sophie’s talent shone through at the end of the day and the album received positive reviews, and to this day still averages 4.5 stars on iTunes.

In 2010 Sophie signed with Westbury favourites Ho Hum Records and the following year released Seagull, again to glowing reviews. Sophie states that this album has instilled a sense of magic in her not seen since her early days with Zero 7, and although the album draws upon the familiar themes of love and loss, her songs put a distinctively positive twist on the subject. The influence of Ho Hum founders Alex Pilkington and Mark Tucker (who also produced the record) are clear on the album, with Motown-esque licks and occasional Trip-Hop beats perfectly complementing Sophie’s characteristic voice.

Away from her music, Sophie has helped to set up the Rainbow Collection Children’s Foundation; a charity that helps to build schools in Kenya.  A percentage of the profit from Sophie’s Rainbow Collection albums goes to the fund which will then be allocated to different educational projects and causes around the world.


Sophie Barker

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