Seanie T is one of the hardest working young men in UK Hip Hop. He has been around recording for something like 15 years but it was not until 1999 that he made his industry mark with a collaboration ("Big Things Gwidam") on the Roots Manuva album "Brand New Second Hand" on Big Dada, the Ninja Tune Hip Hop imprint.

Two years later, he was back with another collaboration ("Highest Grade") on the August 2001 Roots Manuva album "Run Come Save Me".

There followed a couple of years, doing vocals, raps and production on a dozen separate projects, working with Karl Hinds, Mas Production, Blak Twang, Keith Lawrence and Roots Manuva but it was all moving towards a time when Seanie himself would take charge of the very centre of British Hip Hop will a collective vision and with his own production company and record label. That record label was to be Dark Horizon Recordz.

The company was formed in 2002 and released "Dark Horizons", an album done in the style of a Sound System mixtape, featuring a unique collection of British vocalists/rappers. This was followed in March 2005 by "Dark Horizon 2/Darka Dayz" which involved a staggering 30 artistes and featured the cream of UK Hip Hop vocalists, including Roots Manuva, Blak Twang, Rodney P, Ty, Estelle, Hill St Soul, Lloyd Brown, Skeme, Skinnyman, Karl Hinds, Jeff3, Pesci, Oshin, Keith Lawrence and Seanie T himself.

A month earlier, in February 2005, the Blacknificent Seven had ridden into town as Dark Horizon Recordz had put out "U Wot", a track (and mixes) featuring an all-star collaboration by no fewer than 11 key UK Hip Hop persons, credited as The Blacknificent Seven and The Blacknificent Four.

In September that year, from the same superhero collective, came the Dancehall-style "Ere Comes Da Black"/"Mrs Onda Syde" follow-up single.

Then in August 2006, both these tracks saw the light again when the full Blacknificent Seven album "Riding Thru Da Underground" was finally released on Dark Horizon Recordz (DHR4). This was British Hip Hop at its best. Blending R&B, Dancehall and Hip Hop and with tracks like the cheeky "Outlaws Day Off" and the E London gangster skit "Ard Bastard Talks", you know this album is not strutting testosterone-heads aping US gangster-style in the usual formulaic way: this is UK style Hip Hop, more mellow, more humorous, more British....

Dark Horizon Recordz is a unique label, one with a truly collaborative style, that is all about representing UK artists with a British sound and above all celebrating their own culture. As Seanie himself says: "Dark Horizon was born out of frustration because many talented artists were being overlooked and not given a suitable chance by the music industry. This is our way of trying to redress this balance".



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