Since a residence in Ibizas café del mar in the early 90s, Phil Mison has made his own path in the world of Chillout, and the more musical but horizontal side of dance music.

After compiling ad mixing three volumes of Soundcolours for Xtreme, Phil moved to bigger and better things with React Records, and has compiled volumes 3-7 of Real Ibiza, initially along with Chris Coco, and from 5 onwards with the label.

After having tracks on various compilations such as Café Del Mar, Buddha Bar, Serve Chilled and of course Real Ibiza, Music For Dreams signed Phil under the artist name Cantoma, for an album deal. A couple of years later the album Cantoma is ready for release this autumn. It contains Café Del Mar classic Rain, the Eastern influenced The Call creatred with DJ Pathaan, and the track which is possibly the most licensed track in the chillout world – Pandajero.

Phil is working on a new project with Pete Atlas, under the name Reverso 68, and will soon begin work on a second Cantoma album…


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Title: Cantoma
Label: Music For Dreams
Release date: 2004


Title: Piece Together
Label: Specialist Interest
Release date: 2004

Title: Pandajero
Label: Music For Dreams
Release date: 2003

Title: Prince Kegger
Label: Sunday Best 2 - Dust To Dust
Release date: 1999

Title: Lula
Label: Cafe Del Mar4 Universal
Release date: 1998

Title: Norzin Wangdu
Label: Sunday Best 1 – Dust To Dust
Release date: 1998