In the world of dubstep there are very few people that can solely lay claim to originating the style, however when all is said and done one name that will be pegged down in history will be Hatcha. His influence has been instrumental from the very start and it is evident that the gene bares his stamp.

Hatcha’s roots as a Dj date back to the late 90’s playing UK Garage on various pirate radio stations, working as a buyer in the seminal but sadly defunct record shop Big Apple. While at Big Apple Hatcha began introducing people to a new darker strain of UK Garage developed by various local producers including EL-B, Artwork and Horsepower. This new style contained elements of grime, dub and drum and bass, but was lacking an identity, but had all the elements to create a scene.

Over a short period of time a constant wave of new producers started gravitating towards this new style each with their individual interpretation. As the scene expanded various nights started one of the earliest being Forward >> launched in 2001. This quickly became recognised as a hub for new talented producers eager to share their music. Supplying the soundtrack for the night was the resident Dj Hatcha, armed with selection of fresh dub plates and unreleased tracks from a range of fresh producers including the likes of Benga, Skream and the Digital Mystikz.

Throughout the course of the decade Hatcha has been developing with the dubstep movement guiding and influencing the scene through his Dj sets and radio shows. As a radio Dj he has gone from strength to strength flying the flag for the genre, with a weekly show on Kiss Fm with co host MC Crazy D.

Hatcha quickly began to stretching his musical skills beyond djing into production, working with various producers e.g: Kromestar, Benga and his production partner Lost. Many of his early tracks have become classic for the scene with tracks like Riddick and 10 Ton’s Heavy, released by key labels Tempa Recordings, Planet MU and EightFx. The success of these singles encouraged the creation of his own label and club night Sin City with fellow Dj N-Type. The label will features tracks by many of his original circle from the early Forward nights, Coki, Skream and LD.

The future for Hatcha is look promising his label and night were both nominated at the dubstep awards, plus there are string of new production and collaborations forthcoming in the near future. This is in addition to a US tour and playing at a host of summer festival including headlining this year’s Outlook festival.

Through the last 10 years Hatcha has made his name synonymous with the dubstep movement that has swept the world. He is now one of the scenes true luminaries and with the growing success of his associated labels and events is destined to be revered as one the scenes original pioneers. His partnership with Publishing 16 and Westbury is going to play another important part in the developing story of dubstep, and independent UK music.



Title: Hatcha - Dirtee Tek / Dark Claps (12")
Label: Special Branch
Release date: 2010

Title: Hatcha - Dont Get It Twist (12")
Label: Special Branch
Release date: 2010

Title: Hatcha & Lost – King Of The Trees / Tattyland (12”)
Label: Black Box
Release date: 2010

Title: Hatcha Vs Fault – Get Up & Rock (12”)
Label: Terminal Dusk
Release date: 2010

Title: Hatcha - Just A Rift / Chillz (12")
Label: Eight:FX
Release date: 2009

Title: Hatcha & Kromestar – 3000 / 300 (12”)
Label: Eight:FX
Release date: 2009

Title: Hatcha & Kromestar – Brother Grim (LP)
Label: Eight:FX
Release date: 2009

Title: Hatcha & Kromestar – Ridick (12”)
Label: Dub Steppers
Release date: 2007

Title: Hatcha & Benga - 10 Tons Heavy (12")
Label: Planet Mu
Release date: 2006

Title: Hatcha Presents: Dubstep Allstars: Vol.01 (CD)
Label: Tempa
Release date: 2004


Title: Hatcha & Kromestar – The Heavyweight EP South Side
Label: Dub Stars
Release date: 2008

Title: Hatcha - Dub Express (12")
Label: Tempa
Release date: 2003