Midlands-based Technique Recordings was established in 1999 by Simon Bassline Smith and Andy Wright of Drumsound in order to provide a fresh vehicle for their joint / individual musical projects.

Simon, however has been a key player in the drum & bass scene since its very creation, first as a DJ / producer and secondly with his imprints. Absolute and Absolute 2 were two of the biggest and most pioneering labels ever, featuring artists such as a Doc Scott and Nookie, to name but a few back in the early 90s. Andy, on the other hand, is a relative newcomer to the scene but with his fresh production ideas, established through a long history of diverse musical preference, combined with the extraordinary talents of the man like Bassline, they form a musical concept of explosive proportion.

The close alliance between the two parties began at the Technique club night (one of the biggest eclectic break beat nights in the Midlands) in their home town of Derby in 1998. Since then this alliance has been the defining strength behind the label combining experience, enthusiasm and knowledge in order to progress as a crew rather than as a set of individuals.

"Technique Recordings embodies a mutual appreciation that everyone involved has something to offer and advancement is for the benefit of the project as a whole." (Knowledge Magazine, 1999)

Their flagship release Future Tech was as diverse as it was well received, with DJs such as Grooverider, Hype, Mickey Finn & Aphrodite, SS, EZ-Rollers, Kenny Ken and Nicky Blackmarket offering their full blown support.

Technique Recordings is now recognised as one of the premier jungle/drum n’ bass labels in the UK. In the last few years, they have widened their label base with the launch of W.A.R. Records and have started signing artists and tracks from around the world. Respect for Technique in the industry is immense, as is the support of the major DJs.