Danny Native has been cooking up beats and productions for a number of years, releasing his first works through the Goya Music affiliated People Records, Broadcite and London broken beat institution COOPR8.

In 2006, Danny joined DeJa Vu Fm ( and started The Altered Natives Radio show, going out every Tuesday night from 8-10pm, playing broken beat, house, hip hop and dubstep as well as exclusive productions from the man himself.

2008 saw him unleashing his delights to the world through his own Eye4Eye imprint, with the Goya Owes Me Money EP and his bruk beat long player 1000 Days of Patience, receiving support from the likes of Phil Asher, IG Culture, Afronaut, Domu, Flying Lotus and Zed Bias.

The remainder of 2008 was spent in Dannys Norf Lungdon laboratory experimenting with some new productions, not to mention collaborating with a few people along the way. He emerged from the smoke filled corridors of his lair, to deliver a fresh batch of productions released throughout 2009. This included his underground smash “Rass Out” on Fresh Minute Music label receiving support from all corners of the dance floor from house, to dub step, via UK funky and beyond, including DJs such as Kode 9, Martyn, Phil Asher, Karizma, Laurent Garnier to name a few. The huge success of “Rass Out” enabled the track to get licensed to a few compilations including Martyns landmark Fabric album as well as Ministry Of Sounds UK Funky compilation.

Altered Natives raised the bar in 2009 and continues to do so in 2010 with his unique production talents. 2010 started with his remix of Ikonika “Idiot” on the pioneering electronic label Hyperdub and another release on Fresh Minute Music with a track titled “Believe in Me” featuring the sublime vocal talents of Sacha Williamson, the release comes with a Zed Bias remix.

With Danny constantly in his studio cooking beats and productions, his experiments rewarded him with The Tenement Yard Volume 1 project, a collection of tracks and experiments across house, techno, dubstep and electronica, the album is out now on Altered Natives Eye4Eye label and has gained the support of press and DJs alike:

"Altered Natives music is unique in capturing that sense of danger and illegality that made the original acid house vibes so alluring and exciting. Ostensibly house, but taking on lessons of the post-dubstep generation (the dangerous levels of bass and sense of imagination), it points to a brave new future for dance. Perfection 10/10” – Ben Murphy, DJ Magazine

July 2009 saw the release of an EP on Martyns 3024 label, destined to get Altered Natives music to a wider, more international audience. July 2009 also saw the release of the follow up to Altered Natives 1000 Days Of Patience album, Serial Vendetta, Altered Natives unique representation of all thats good about the UKs underground dance scene, from dutty broken and beyond. Theres also forthcoming remixes for UK Funky/Soulful house producer Funk Butcher and house/techno producer Paul Woolford as well as Italys Bosconi label.

The Eye4Eye imprint continues to support the latest innovative sounds from the underground, as well as be an output for his Danny's own productions. His show on Vulive goes from strength to strength, showcasing his DJ talents, with his unique blend of broken, dubstep house and hip hop, which has taken him DJing across UK & Europe.

Altered Natives means business, illegally download his music at your peril. Believe me, you dont want this man knocking at your door !!


Altered Natives