MTLM are a four piece British band who will restore your faith that unmanufactured and truly unique crafted music still exists. MTLM remind us that music and performance is something that is an art form, bringing together ideas, experience, cultural influences, self expression and constantly pushing personal and musical boundaries, wanting to evolve. Their work is instinctive. Described as avant-garde, ground breaking, experimental beauty, transfixing, barkingly and brilliantly mad, magical, knife like techno and disco madness, surreal, succinct, fun, packed with e-numbers and lost in a k-hole. You’ll have their songs quite happily stuck in your head for days!


MTLM was originally formed by Frances (Noon) and Lazlo (Legezer) back in 2005. At art school and beyond Frances experimented with various art forms and after an installation found her voice and decided that singing was the path she wanted to take, grabbing it with both hands and working extremely hard. She started to experiment with various projects from messing around at home, to improvised funk with Earth Leakage in a garden shed(!) and then forming the indie band The Boundary. Frances has rightfully been described as one of the most striking and idiosyncratic front women to come about in dance music for some while. Meanwhile, Lazlo, after playing at a festival in Prague, decided to live in the city for a while, producing an album entitled “Mimoid” with actress Monica Naceva which was his first work with a vocalist. His musical and producing skills started back in the early 90s amongst the rave scene where he was DJing and playing live electronic sets. He loved the raw, DIY attitude of the music and went on to release on his first piece of vinyl (PsiQ Network) “Transhuman”/”Lockjaw” in 1991. On his return from Prague to London in 1999 with a small toy elephant under his arm, which he found while dealing in vintage clothing (and which is now MTLM’s mascot) he started his search for a vocalist…. Frances and Lazlo met while “working on the set of an extremely bad film”, they started chatting and things just clicked. They released their first single “Sick Couple” in 2007, garnering radio plays from the A list specialist DJs like Rob Da Bank, Huw Stephens, Gilles Peterson, and Nick Luscombe, and bringing them to the attention of the public and industry alike.


Still, MTLM felt something was missing from their live performances and had always wanted to form a band. There are now all happily bouncing around on stage with Charlie (Boud) playing bass/guitar and Alfonso (Pisanelli) on drums. Frances and Lazlo liking the fact the boys have bought new ideas with them. They all rehearse like crazy making sure the live instruments and electronic sounds fit together in perfect harmony. They also want to have fun and most definitely don’t want to play it safe!!


Their Debut album “Where We Are” (Dumb Angel Records) was written and entirely produced by MTLM and they are extremely proud of it. They knew that they had more than enough material for an album and waited until they had the finished product before approaching Dumb Angel. While making the album they were approached with firm offers by other labels but it felt distracting and intrusive, it was too early in the creative process for industry attention. So judging by the finished album it’s clear that Frances and Lazlo were right to stick by their guns and make the album they wanted to make. Where We Are was released to critical acclaim in 2009, and they gigged extensively around the UK. A handful of inspired remixes were also released, most notable is the 19 minute epic journey through the depths of house music by Timo Maas which transformed Grin & Wriggle, and the proper 70s classic reggae version of All Over Mu Face by J-Star.


So, to 2010 which finds MTLM currently working on new material and excited to have found a new space to write and rehearse. Their songwriting has developed and evolved, and for the next album they want to express their weirdness in a way that people will find easier to understand.


As well as gigs, MTLM have performed at many festivals including Glastonbury, Latitude, Italia Wave Love and was invited to support Jamie Lidell at Maida Vale Studios for Rob da Bank. They’ve had brilliant reviews from NME/Clash/Word/Q/MixMag/Times/Crud Magazine/ForgetToday among many.


“Everyone will soon love them”.


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Title: Where We Are
Label: Dumb Angel
Release date: 2009


Title: Grin And Wriggle
Label: Dumb Angel
Release date: 2009

Title: Sweetheart
Label: Not On Label
Release date: 2009

Title: All Over My Face
Label: Dumb Angel
Release date: 2008

Title: Barnaby
Label: My Toys Like Me
Release date: 2007

Title: Sick Couple
Label: Not On Label
Release date: 2006