Ramp recordings are one of the latest in a wave of independent labels breaking the boundaries between hip-hop and dubstep music. Started in 2004, Ramp head honcho Tom’s first label project was the UK release of underground hip-hop artist Count Bass D, single - Down Easy, shortly followed by the album Begborrowsteel in the same year. The label slowly released various other leftfield hip-hop projects over the next few years including Kan Kick, God’s Gift plus a Pattie Blingh & The Akebulan 5 (Georgia Anne Muldrow) album.

The labels reputation for releasing underground music made the shift towards dubstep in 2008 relatively easy. Their first release was for the mysterious Zomby with Liquid Dancehall this track penetrated the underground and became an instant classic. Further releases followed in 2008 with singles from Clouds, Taz Buckfaster and the Lie EP by Zomby. By the end of the year ramp were on the cusp of completely defining themselves as a dubstep label in their own right with a serious schedule of works ready for 2009.

Last year Ramp matured into one of the most prolific dubstep label’s with 15 releases including last summer’s wonky smash by Falty DL - To London. With further releases from Zomby and Ras G plus new artists Sbtrkt, Shortstuff and Hot City. 2009 completely cemented Ramp as no longer a outsider contender in the dubstep arena but an emerging force with 2010 likely to bring more releases from old favourites and new artists.