With its origins firmly embedded in the smoked out basements and backrooms of the early dubstep movement, Black Acre has made a stratospheric ascent in its short three year existence. The open format A&R policy has seen the label run the electronica gamut from hip hop, house and garage through to Blue Daisy’s multi-hued wall of sound.

Though in its relative infancy, the label has shown the awareness and insight that can only be come from years of experience. Label head honcho Ian Merchant has careful navigated across super highway to select the best in new talent from across the globe.

Early releases included several tracks from Dorset’s favourite dubstep producer Marlow and Canada’s DV who released the underground classic "Old Timers." The label has gone from strength to strength in relatively a short time, unearthing an array of new artists. Producers such as Blue Daisy, Loops Haunt, Dark Sky and Akira Kiteshi all saw their debuts on Black Acre with many prototypes still in the lab.

Black Acre has received strong grass roots support form Mary Anne Hobbs, Rob Da Bank, Huw Stephens, Bobby Friction & Mister Jam, and was recently featured on a Radio 1 documentary with luminaries such as Warp, Planet Mu & Hyperdub. Seems the Black Acre family tree has borne fruit...!


Black Acre Records

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