Born in the summer of 2009, Donky Pitch began life as a club-night in Brighton. The story has since greatly unfolded; now a reputable club-night amongst electronic music aficionados, the events 5th birthday celebrations saw successful club showcases as far afield as New York. Donky Pitch has also evolved to become a well-respected label, as Mixmag remark “Donky Pitch has been wrecking the hip-hop template for the past few years” releasing “off-kilter beats that stomp, splurge and spasm their way out of speaker boxes”.

To take it back to the very beginning, founders Pete Taylor and David Grinnell met through a shared interest in a weird, wonderful and largely unheard of sound, a genre with a flourishing scene in Scandinavia. Termed by some as ‘skwee’, a forum dedicated to this kind of music provided the platform through which David and Pete met.

The introduction of Donky Pitch events to Brighton’s music scene provided an outlet for music exploring the outer reaches of electronic production; glitchy, instrumental hip-hop, colourful synth-driven dubstep and many of the distinctive sounds in and around this. The parties, now a staple on the event calendar, have hosted the Brighton debuts for artists such as: Alexander Nut, ARP101, Blue Daisy, Shlomo, Debruit and Lapalux as well as giving local producers and DJs a platform to perform.

Donky Pitch has a closely knit collective of producers, there’s a distinct family feel and that’s evident throughout all areas of its enterprise. Ghost Mutt and Slugabed are two artists that have been a part of the Donky Pitch family since the very beginning. Instrumental to the fabric of both the nights and the label, not only are they event residents to this day, ‘Donky Stomp EP’ a split 12” with Slugabed on the A-side and Ghost Mutt on the B-side (as well as a Mweslee remix) marked the very first label release.

The Donky Pitch label arm has since put out a substantial body of singles and EP’s by artists including: 813, ARP101 & Elliott Yorke, Vesper Town and Tokyo Hands. Pete Taylor makes the point: “we believe in music that has individuality to its sound, where the artist may be influenced by many things but makes something that is distinctive and unique to them”. 

The imprints catalogue is a testimony to this forward-thinking ethos, one such artist that has been releasing consistently innovative music is Rhode Island based producer, The Range. Following a number of EPs on the label, 2013 saw his (and the labels) debut LP ‘Nonfiction’ drop to critical acclaim. Described by XLR8R as a ‘compelling listen’ and voted by Pitchfork as one of the ‘Top 50 Albums of 2013’, this level of recognition has been a similar story for the albums that have followed: namely Lockah’s ‘Yahoo or the Highway’ LP and Starfoxxx’s psychedelic electro album ‘Baby I’m Off The Drugs & I’m Ready to Marry You’.

Donky Pitch releases, whilst often difficult to categorise can be characterised by heavy bass-lines and strong synth-line melodies. The label has become synonymous with uncompromisingly well-crafted electronic music that without a doubt marks it as one of the truly exciting labels of today.

Club night, label and monthly radio show on Sub FM, Donky Pitch are not slowing down and with many more exciting projects lined up for the near future and beyond, keep your eyes and ears peeled.


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