Here at Westbury Music HQ, we are over the moon; in fact we may have shot past Saturn and Jupiter after signing Art Yard Music to our roster. Entering a new dimension of rare Egyptian jazz, progressive rock and experimental funk fusion, we are thrilled by the opportunity to journey through the wormhole provided by this amazing catalogue.

Established in 2004 as an independent record label and publishing company, Art Yard Music was formed solely to uncover and release some of Sun Ra’s lesser known works, and launch them on a new audience. The label has released over dozen Sun Ra albums which range from re-released records, rare studio cuts and recorded concert performances from around the world/galaxy.

The catalogue also includes Sun Ra Arkestra collaborator, and Egyptian jazz inventor, Salah Ragab. In the late 1960’s, The Cairo Jazz Band, fronted by drummer Ragab, fused jazz music of the time with traditional Egyptian timbres and scales, to create a whole new genre. This mixed with the experimental ethos of the Arkestra created some extraordinary sonic journeys.

Crossing to another solar system, Art Yard’s catalogue also includes Berliner Ring’s album ‘Orbital’, a set of contemporary progressive rock compositions. Geared with analogue synthesizers, guitars, percussion and even a self invented instrument; the Heckeshorn (which is a hybrid slide guitar, triggered by a rhythm machine and synthesizer), the group created an avant-gard yet accessible collection of alien rhythms.

So strap on your space suit and prepare to delve into the experimental with Art Yard and Westbury Music. We say bring on the Tiger organs, the 18 minute Moog solos and more Heckleshorns, it’s time for lift off!