One of our latest catalogues embodies everything we love about independent labels and music. Completely unique in their ethos and approach to industry norms Uncharted Audio has consistently released quality music since 2003.

The label was started by Russell Parson as a platform to showcase music by unsigned artist LJ Kruzer and Cursor Miner. The labels first release in 2001 “Thismasnadventure” by Cursor Miner This first helping was a unique piece of work that went beyond any mainstream genre and into the mysterious world of electronica.

It received plaudits from different areas of the media including international music lifestyle bible The Wire, placing them squarely on the map as a new label to watch. Further release from LJ Kruzer, Kone-R and Line expanded beyond the quirkiness of this debut release into the world of house and electronica at a time when everyone wanted to go minimal or broken.

The labels policy for several years was that singles were strictly released on 7” inch singles all of which are limited edition. Since these early days the label has, gradually expanded its roster with artists, The Council Flats Of Kingsbury, Line and Octavat among others releasing albums that have all received great press.

LJ Kruzers debut album “This is How I Write” was meet with positive reviews from the music press and support from Radio 1’s Mary Anne Hobbs and earned him a performance at the Big Chill festival. In 2009 the debut album from ‘The Council Flats of Kingsbury’ received national radio play from Huw Stephens and Don Lets.

Things have really developed for the little independent from west London, a distribution deal with Kudos records and tracks included on various Fabric compilations. Plus the re-launch of their long standing resident label night at one west London’s strangest venues the Ginglik on the Green, where you can expect only the finest bass, bleeps and far-out warehouse sounds, with that uniquely Uncharted touch!

The labour of love that has formed the label as well the creative policy that allows the artists to opportunity to work as freely as possible, has resulted in a catalogue of work that seamlessly evades boundaries and genres, leaving the listener without any expectation but the assurance that it is always of high quality.

Uncharted are certainly at home among Westbury’s colorful roster and it has been said that “To refuse the adventure is to run the risk of drying up like a pea in a shell,” and we are never shy of a bit of adventure.



Uncharted Audio

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