If ever there was such a thing as a Revolutionary Sound system, then Stone Love are it. Founded by Winston Weepow Powell in 1972, they really came into their own at the beginning of the 1990s when their young selector, Rory, introduced firstly Jamaica, and then the world, to the art of Juggling. Rory had seen Hip Hop DJs in Canada mixing and scratching and been inspired to try the same in Jamaica. This move changed the whole Reggae industry when Rory started mixing records seamlessly into each other at dances.

The fact that Stone Love also had Dub Plates of all the popular hits of the time only served to accentuate their appeal. When the dancer, Bogle, created a new dance, the scene was set for the whole dancehall scene to make an attempt at world domination.

With the success of Shabba Ranks et al, the whole dancehall phenomena had grown into an international attraction. Stone Love were at the forefront of this revolution. Demand to see them live grew so much that they had to nurture a younger set of selectors to operate the sound system alongside Rory. To this end newer names like Cancer, Malcolm X, and Cancer joined the ensemble, now Stone Love could be in four places simultaneously.

It was only a natural progression for the sound to move into music production as this was only a step away from voicing one-off dub plates or Specials as they had become known. Their first successes came in tandem with the London-based Sir George imprint with whom they recorded classics like Sanchez If I Ever Fall and Winsomes I Will Always Love You.

In 1994 came the defining moment for Stone Love the record company, when they recorded Louie Cultures Ganga Lee. The riddim, known as the Cordy Roy, was also covered by Beenie Mans Shocking Vibes label for his hit World Dance.

Since then, the Stone Love label have sporadically released singles, but in the year 2000 Weepow decided that the Sound system was a self-fulfilling entity so he could spend more time in their newly built studio. To this end he set about creating a set of new riddims like the Fiesta, Spawn and Liquid which would again put the label on top of the Reggae tree.