Far Out Recordings celebrated its fifteenth birthday a couple of years ago, truly establishing it as the UK’s leading Brazilian record label captained by label director and renowned crate digger Joe Davis.

Joe has in 25 years managed to turn his passion for collecting Brazilian music into an international label that achieves impressive sales worldwide. He developed a reputation for supplying rare Brazilian jazz records to an enthusiastic audience at the height of the UK Jazz dance scene.

After many years of travelling regularly to Brazil, Joe’s knowledge of the culture and music became second to none, building an extensive collection of rare Brazilian music. On his way he met and befriended many of the artists whose music he adored, including Marcos Valle, Arthur Verocai and Jorge Ben.

His reputation in the UK was growing as the go-to man for anything Brazilian, and the transition from record collector and seller to label producer and executive was a logical and natural development. In 1995 he decided to try a creative experiment, hiring a studio in Brazil and fusing some of the giants of Brazilian music with some of Rio’s most exciting young musicians. This led to the album Friends From Rio - the label's first original release featuring Marcos Valle and Wanda De Sa.

This was closely followed by a reinterpretation of the Friends From Rio album with a remix project called Misturada (Portuguese for "mixing"). This gave artists such as Pressure Drop and Natural Element the opportunity to rework some Brazilian classics. The album received international critical acclaim and not only launched a successful series of Misturada albums, but also set out the label's ethos for embracing classic Brazilian music styles and bringing it into a context for the modern listeners.

The label's release schedule quickly developed since these early days, introducing new material from musical legends like Azymuth, Marcos Valle and Joyce to new audiences. The label has assisted in pioneering elements of electronic jazz influenced music with compilations like Brazilian Love Affair and Brazilika, creating a fair share of dancefloor classics over the years.

Far Out Recordings have released over 200 albums and licensed tracks to over 300 compilations in its relatively short history. Throughout the current development of the music industry, with its changing formats and purchasing habits, Far Out has managed to navigate itself through these turbulent times with a fresh roster and great legacy of music.

Joe definitely feels that the label has merely started to achieve their ambitions. Stunning new releases from Sabrina Malherios, Azymuth and Black Banda Rio are part of Far Out's goal to inspire a Brazilian renaissance - and a create musical legend or two.


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