Alex Pilkington and Mark Tucker are the founders of Ho Hum, with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Having worked as songwriters, producers and engineers in a wide variety of genres, they decided to bring these talents together and launch a label, Ho Hum is the result. They produce and specialise in folk and electronica through their label, Ho Hum Records. Caroline Daniel, the in-house arranger, brings to Ho Hum 14 years’ experience of composing, arranging and conducting music. Ho Hum are one of the first fair-trade’ labels in the UK promoting fair contracts for musicians and have a music academy to support young musicians which could lead to release on the label. Their aim is to bring together a group of artists from both folk and electronica, to expand their own music and to create a cross breed between the two. Ho Hum will record and produce new music in their studio.

At Ho Hum, they are working with or should we say, crafting, some of the best folk and electronica (Beth Hirsch/Blue Rose Code/Flotilla/Lucky Jim/Mark Pritchard/Rosey Chan/The Formula/Siren String Quartet and working on their own projects, Custom Blue and The Willow) music in the UK. Alex and Mark not only believe in fairness and equality but also community, which is why they encourage people to chat, listen and buy artists’ music directly from their site.

Alex was born in 1973 and grew up in good ‘ole South London which is also where the Ho Hum label resides. He’s an extremely versatile and experienced artist. He started out at Universal in 1999, working alongside Simon Shippey (Custom Blue) where they completed two albums entitled “All Follow Everyone” and “EPOne” and after leaving Universal released their third, “Hoighty Beaver”, an electronica album received with critical acclaim. He has worked on many projects over the years; remixing, producing and playing guitar for K7 Records (Beth Hirsch), Ed Vallance (Proof Records), Fake Fur, The Beauty Room, Spacek, Meleka, Bertrami, Kym Brown, Seanine, Mark Pritchard and over in Brazil with Azymuth (Far Out Recordings). He is certainly busy, having last year released an album with Custom Blue entitled “All Will Be Well” and also working on a solo project, The Willow all, of course, on the Ho Hum label.

Mark is also involved in many projects including Mark Tucker Music and Ho Hum Records/Publishing. He’s also a musician and a freelance sound engineer. He trained at Lansdowne Studios and then went on to be one of the in-house engineers working at Lansdowne and their sister studio, CTS. Since 2001 he has worked freelance both here in the UK and abroad, with a vast number of musicians, including Bryan Ferry whose album ‘As Time Goes By’ was nominated for a Grammy in 2001. Mark is able to engineer and work with all genres from rock n roll, dance, jazz, World, folk and electronica as well as working on film and TV scores. Recently he’s been heavily involved in writing, producing and arranging for popular artists and has enjoyed performing as a musician, playing at live gigs and recording his own material.

Ho Hum Music Publishing has been launched in conjunction with Ho Hum Records, but we take care of the administration side, enabling them to concentrate on what they’re best at…..bringing talented individuals together.




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