His real name is Linval Carter but it was as Prince Jazzbo that the young toaster from Clarendon started recording for the Coxsone Dodd Studio 1 label in the early 70s, leading to the Studio 1 album "Choice Of Version"

From Studio 1, he moved to Lee Perry ("Natty Passing Thru" and "Ital Corner" albums) and to Bunny Lee ("Step Forward" and "Kick Boy Face" albums) but, in those mid 70s years, he also recorded for Harry J, Winston Riley, Glen Brown and Jack Scorpio among others.

Reggae music in the early 70s had been redefined by the release of U Roys seminal DJ tune "Wake The Town" in 1970. That record introduced the deejay/toaster era. Prince Jazzbo was among the top 5 of the early deejays and was known for mixing social commentary with Rastafarian ideals on his tunes. As well as recording, he was a regular on the burgeoning Sound System scene. He had a string of hits but perhaps the thing he is most know for was his furious mid-70s vinyl battle with the top DJ of the time, I Roy.

Jazzbo was slightly the younger toaster, a pleasant young man from a fairly unschooled background. I Roy was a huge artiste but had perhaps started on a career slide when, in 1975, he released "Straight To Prince Jazzbos Head". The predictable happened and Jazzbo answered with the track "Straight To I Roys Head" which was a cleverly-orchestrated vinyl response to the I Roy track. Cleverly orchestrated because the mischievous Bunny Lee was the producer of both tracks! Other tracks followed and, eventually, the thing started to become personal with each DJ impugning the manhood of the other, as other DJs joined the fray with their own vinyl offerings... But, even though they were treading on dangerous ground, both sides managed to keep the clash good-spirited and it did nothing but good for both their musical careers.

From 1977, though recording with other producers, Jazzbo set up his own labels, Ujama and Mr Funny. Ujama was the more prolific with releases through the late 70s to the early 90s featuring artistes like U Roy, Horace Andy, Frankie Paul ("Agony"), Johnny Osbourne and Johnny Clarke ("Rasta Nuh Fear" album), as well as Jazzbo himself. Some of his riddims became classic, like "Sensi Addict" (with Horace Ferguson) and "Countryman" (with I Roy).

Today, Prince Jazzbo is a reserved man who lives in Spanishtown and enjoys a local status as a bit of a Don. He still performs regularly in Europe (2006 saw him in big shows in France and Belgium) and, back in Jamaica, is involved with promotion for young artistes.


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Title: Ital Corner
Label: Clock Tower Records Inc.

Title: Choice Of Version
Label: Studio One

Title: Get Tonight Brother
Label: Clock Tower Records Inc.
Release date: 2006

Title: Step Forward
Label: Carter Music House
Release date: 1999

Title: Head To Head Clash
Label: RAS Records Inc.
Release date: 1989

Title: Pepper Rock
Label: Studio One
Release date: 1985

Title: Kick Boy Face
Label: Third World
Release date: 1976


Title: Replay
Label: Basic Replay
Release date: 2007

Title: Live Good Today
Release date: 2006

Title: Baby Why
Label: Cancer
Release date: 1976

Title: Bag A Wolf
Label: Third World
Release date: 1976

Title: Stealing
Label: Third World
Release date: 1976

Title: The Wormer
Label: Attack
Release date: 1976

Title: Wise Man
Label: Live And Love
Release date: 1976

Title: Freedom
Label: Jamatel
Release date: 1975

Title: Straight To I Roy's Head
Label: Black Art
Release date: 1975

Title: Concubine Donkey Pt. 1
Label: Cactus
Release date: 1974