An extremely popular singer and DJ, Scotty (aka David Scott) began his musical life when still at high school in the 1960s, founding a reggae trio called The Federals with classmates Valman Smykle and A J Franklin. The Federals soon caught the attention of producer Derrick Harriott, with whom they would record a string of singles.

Despite the local success of their first single, the rock-steady “Penny For Your Song”, their later singles failed to chart, Smykle moved to New York and the group subsequently broke up. Scotty and Franklin later formed The Chosen Few with Bunny Brown and Richard MacDonald, providing back-up for Hopeton Lewis “Boom Shacka Lacka” and hitting the Jamaican top spot with “Psychedelic Train.”

Scotty followed this with DJ work for various groups, appearing on “Sesame Street,” “Riddle I Dis” and “Draw Your Brakes”, all of which had major chart success in Jamaica, with the latter appearing on the soundtrack to the international hit film “The Harder They Come.” Scotty continued to record and DJ throughout his life. “Unbelievable Sounds,” a collection of his finest works, was released in the late 1990s, and Scotty, the original sing-jay, was working on a ragga album before his death in 2003.