Still only in his mid 20s, Sheldon Campbell (aka Turbulence) is a singer and DJ who has taken the reggae world by storm in the last 5 years. Celebrated mostly for his singing voice, he is also a prolific and consistent songwriter with songs like "Completely Yours" and "Name And Number". Judging from his recorded ouput, he is also a man with an insatiable desire for work. The year 2003 alone saw no fewer than 5 Turbulence albums released!

He was discovered by Phillip Fatis Burrell and first recorded on his Xterminator label. In the early days, he toured with, and was compared to, Sizzla, though the younger Turbulence had a bit less fire and brimstone in his lyrics than the Judgement Yard supremo.

After serving his apprenticeship as the Sizzla warm-up act, Turbulence began getting a reputation for stealing big shows in JA like Sting, Sumfest and Rebel Salute. Now fully emerged from the considerable shadow of Sizzla, he is now the head of his own musical family, Higher Trod.

Born in Kingston on 11th January 1980, like many young people he discovered his talent at school: in his case at St. Andrew’s Technical High School in Kingston, Jamaica. Influenced by the great Jamaican vocalists like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Garnet Silk, and later, Bounty Killer, he describes himself as "positive, determined, brave, kind and generous, a real Rasta."

Nicknamed The Future, his break-through dancehall hit, "Notorious" is also the title of his current album release on VP.

Always ready with a positive message for the youth, he is adamant that hard work is the key to success: "Go for what you want with positivity and a clean heart and mind." And to those from humble backgrounds, like himself, he says "determination and perseverance are the keys to success, because you will get a lot of fight inna the music, but just keep on pushing. Just try and try. If you do not succeed the first time, just try again. That’s perseverance".



Title: Notorious
Label: VP
Release date: 2006

Title: I Believe
Label: M Records/Twilight Circus
Release date: 2005

Title: Songs Of Solomon
Label: VP
Release date: 2005

Title: Upright
Label: Black Scorpio
Release date: 2005

Title: Words Of Wisdom
Label: Love Injection
Release date: 2005

Title: Triumphantly
Label: Kingston
Release date: 2004

Title: Different Thing
Label: EFA/Minor7Flat5
Release date: 2003

Title: Hail To The King
Label: VP
Release date: 2003

Title: Join Us
Label: Bogalusa
Release date: 2003

Title: The Future
Label: Jetstar
Release date: 2003


Title: Miss You So Much
Label: Rootical
Release date: 06.2006

Title: Dont Love Me Any More
Label: Fireponrome
Release date: 05.2006

Title: Dun Di Place
Label: Hyperactive
Release date: 05.2006

Title: Ital Stew
Label: Tads
Release date: 05.2006

Title: Jah Jah Way
Label: Main Frame
Release date: 05.2006

Title: My Ex Girlfriend
Label: Tads
Release date: 05.2006

Title: Say Yeah
Label: Footsteps
Release date: 05.2006

Title: Weve Got The Dubs
Label: Music World Ent
Release date: 05.2006

Title: Wont Give Up The Fight
Label: Down Sound
Release date: 05.2006

Title: Dont Lose Your Faith
Label: Insight
Release date: 04.2006