Born in Kingston in 1958, George Nooks started his musical career in church. It wasnt surprising then that Nooks would score his biggest ever hit with his 2001 cover of Ben E Kings “God Is Standing By”. The success of this track led to him, alongside Glen Washington, being crowned the come-back kid Like Washington, Nooks has been performing since the 1970s.

He scored his first hit "Forty Leg Dread", as the toaster Prince Mohammed. Running a dual career, he would guest as the Deejay, Mohammed, and sing in a Dennis Brown- inspired voice under his real name. This led to him having two simultaneous hit tunes under two different names in the same chart: “Forty Leg Dread” as Mohammed and “Tribal Music” under Nooks.

Nooks migrated from Jamaica in the late seventies and a hiatus from the music business. In 1994, he came back with the single/video "I Dont Care/Bad Minded People".

A hotly tipped vocalist with no less than three 1997 Tamika Reggae Music awards to his credit (for Crossover Artist, Outstanding Male Artist, and Vocalist of the Year), he recorded sporadic singles, but really hit the jackpot in 2001 with the Computer Paul produced, God Is Standing By. An album of the same title was released by VP Records early the next year and George Nooks had officially bus back.

He would then be very in-demand for shows and recordings around the world, a situation which is still evident as Nooks name can be found on a countless number of current reggae compilations.


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